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Navigating Dental Handpieces: Understanding Varieties and Functionality

Dental handpieces are the unsung heroes of dentistry, enabling precise and efficient procedures that ensure patient comfort and satisfaction. As technology advances, these tools continue to evolve, offering dentists enhanced functionality and reliability. Have you ever wondered just how versatile and long-lasting these essential tools are?

ACE SOUTHERN Announces Strategic Supply Partnership with U.S. Oral Surgery Management

ACE SOUTHERN Surgical Supply, a leading global provider of Oral Surgery and biomaterial products, and U.S. Oral Surgery Management, a specialty management service company that exclusively serves premier...

Navigating Bone Grafting Products for Dental Surgical Applications

Given that bone needs a physical structure, as well as growth factors, the right grafting product can predictably improve patient outcomes. It provides these elements to ensure healthy bone growth factors; most importantly, minimizing bone loss. Thus, when choosing a bone grafting product, it is crucial to consider several factors regarding the patients themselves, including their age, tobacco use, and co-morbidities, as well as the desired time to re-enter the site for additional work.

Your Patient is the Ultimate Driver of Bone Repair

Dental practices treat a diverse group of patients. Patients of all ages, lifestyles and health conditions can be in need of bone grafting material to achieve a successful dental outcome. While the bone grafting product will suggest, on average, how long remodeling will take, the patient will ultimately determine how long the healing process takes.