Order Schedule II Online

Now you can conveniently order Schedule II pharmaceuticals online through our e222 system. Follow these 4 easy steps to gain access.


  • Visit deaecom.gov to enroll
  • Follow the instructions and mail documentation to the DEA


  • Retrieve and install your new Digital Certificate
  • You'll receive an Access Code by email and Access Code Password by postal mail
  • Use these to retrieve and install the digital signature onto your computer; Note - this must be done within 60 days of the date printed on your postal mailed notice


  • Call a member of the ACE SOUTHERN DEA Compliance Team at 888-222-3722 to be added to our e222 ordering page and receive login instructions


  • Perform Digital Certificate Test and Email test on the ordering site
  • If the test was successful, proceed to the Customer area and place your order
  • If the test was unsuccessful, contact a member of our e222 support team at 254.933.4452 (option 2)

Already Enrolled?

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Why should you sign up?

The DEA has created the Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) to allow registrants to place orders for Class II narcotics electronically without the use of manual paperwork. Benefits include:

  • No more 222 forms returned/voided due to errors.
  • Faster transaction times - Allows for same day shipment.
  • Reduced amount of paperwork to complete and retain on file.
  • Respond quicker to backorders and shortages.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about the program call one of the following resources:

  • Federal DEA CSOS Customer Support 877.332.3266
  • ACE SOUTHERN DEA Compliance Team 888.222.3722
  • e222 Website Support Team 254.933.4452